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Trimax Mowing Systems have introduced an auto belt tensioning system for the Snake rotary mower, designed to improve performance and cut downtime.

Maintaining a snake mower can be a difficult process, especially if you are unfamiliar with its intricate design. The belt that drives the blades is one of the most crucial parts of a snake mower. Appropriate belt tension is critical for the mower’s efficiency. If the belt is too loose or too tight, it can cause substantial damage to the motor and blades of the mower, resulting in expensive repairs. Thankfully, auto belt tensioners can assist in reducing snake mower maintenance and increasing its longevity.

Auto belt tensioners are designed to maintain the proper tension of the belt that drives the blades of a snake mower. They work by automatically adjusting the tension of the belt as the mower is operating. This keeps the belt at its optimal tension, reducing wear and tear on the belt and the mower’s engine.

Customers benefit from improved productivity and quality.

The new technology is available as a retrofittable kit for existing customers and requires only basic hand tools and a power drill. In addition to ensuring the correct belt tension is always applied, the system helps ensure that drive to the spindles is maintained at its optimum level.

One benefit of using an auto belt tensioner is that it eliminates the need for human adjustments. Traditional belt tensioners require manual adjustment of the belt tension on a regular basis. This can be time-consuming and requires great effort. An auto belt tensioner, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the tension of the belt, minimising the amount of maintenance required to keep the snake mower running properly.

An auto belt tensioner can also help increase the life of the belt and other mower components. When the belt is too loose, it might slip or even break, causing damage to other mower components. Similarly, a belt that is overly tight might place additional strain on the engine, causing it to wear out faster. An auto belt tensioner keeps the belt taut at all times, reducing the risk of damage to other components.

The auto belt tensioning system has been tested for 100 million cycles.

Not only is this new system fitted to all new Snake models, it is also available as a retrofittable kit allowing existing customers to reap the same benefits. Only basic hand tools and a power drill are all that is required to perform this upgrade

Caroline Shaw, European Marketing Manager at Trimax commented: “We’re very excited to launch this new system for the Snake. It is a popular machine which is transforming green areas around the world. As with all new innovations, the auto belt tension system underwent rigorous testing – 100,000,000 cycles to be precise!”

In conclusion, auto belt tensioners can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep a snake mower running efficiently. An auto belt tensioner reduces wear and tear on the mower’s engine and other components by automatically adjusting the tension of the belt. If you use an auto belt tensioner, you may spend less time maintaining your snake mower and more time enjoying the finely trimmed lawn it produces.