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Introducing the SR (Single Roller) Range for Enhanced Long Grass Performance!

Pegasus SR

When customers expressed the need for machines capable of delivering a Trimax-quality cut but in long grass applications, Trimax listened by introducing their latest innovation: the SR (Single Roller) range of mowers.

Building on the success of their double roller (DR) counterparts, the ProCut S5 SR, Stealth S3 SR, and Pegasus S5 SR models have been meticulously crafted to meet the unique challenges of long grass applications while maintaining the market-leading cut quality and low maintenance aspects that have made the Trimax range so successful. Key design features include our low body profile, optimised cutting chambers and baffle design, which are used across our rotary range to provide a better finish and spread at higher cut heights.

Introducing the SR Lineup

Starting the lineup is the compact ProCut S5 SR, a single deck rotary mower requiring as little as 35hp at the PTO. Available in four cutting widths (1.7m, 2.1m, 2.3m & 2.9m), and offering a cut height range of 10-110mm, the ProCut S5 SR is engineered to tackle those challenging commercial environments.

Next up is the Stealth S3 SR. With the ability to deliver a quality cut in grass up to 500 mm high, the Stealth SR is an ideal alternative to gear-driven wing mowers. It has a cutting width of 3.4m and can cover over 2 hectares per hour giving customers maximum productivity.

Completing the range is the Pegasus S5 SR, specifically designed for wide-area mowing in long grass. Key design changes include replacing front rollers with castor wheels and increasing the aperture at the front of each deck to allow more grass to enter the cutting chamber without being rolled over first. These changes enable the mower to cut grass up to 500mm in height, depending on conditions.

With the introduction of front castors and larger side channels, the finished cut height range of the Pegasus S5 SR has been extended to 20-180mm, an increase of 70mm compared to its double roller counterpart. This versatility allows customers to cut both short and long grass heights efficiently.

SR Range

Meeting the Challenges Head-On

Councils tasked with maintaining vast green spaces, airfields requiring precise grass heights for safety, and racecourses commanding pristine turf – the SR range meets the diverse needs of many industries. Moreover, by incorporating all the benefits customers have come to depend on from the double roller range — such as ease-of-use, low maintenance, and an industry-leading 3-year warranty — operators can approach any terrain with confidence and optimal efficiency.

Experience the Difference

The SR range isn’t just about mowers; it’s about redefining what’s possible in turf maintenance. Discover the future of mowing with the SR range from Trimax.

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