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Drawing on the experience and knowledge gained over the last four decades, we have now developed a product that redefines rotary mower blades and is scientifically proven to outperform everything that’s come before it. Let’s take a look at the new NexaBlades, designed exclusively for Trimax rotary mowers.

Introducing Trimax NexaBlades

The Trimax NexaBlade represents a leap forward in mower blade technology, tailored for elite use on fine turf applications like golf courses, sports fields, and turf farms. Each aspect of the NexaBlade has been meticulously engineered to deliver peak performance in any weather conditions.

Testing Results

Through rigorous testing, we’ve demonstrated the NexaBlades’ superiority over our previous industry leading Trimax LazerBlade across six key metrics:

  • 70% improvement in clipping and spreading
  • 51% reduction in clumping
  • 50% increased resistance to erosive wear
  • 15% reduction in aerodynamic noise
  • 14% improvement in cleanliness of cut
  • 5% reduction in PTO power

What Do Customers Think?

Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Take Ashley Craggs, owner of Knotty Hill Golf Center, for example. He’s been using NexaBlades on his Trimax X-WAM mowers to maintain 45 fairways three times a week.

“The NexaBlades have been fantastic. I have been using them for a year and have found the cut quality is far superior compared to the LazerBlade.

The NexaBlade’s curved shape helps glade through the grass, reducing debris build-up, which keeps the blades nice and clean. This produces finer grass clippings which evenly spread out the back of the machine, leaving behind a better playing surface. In dewy and damp conditions, the NexaBlades don’t clump and leave excess grass debris. This allows us to keep cutting whereas before our machines would be parked up. We have also noticed a fuel saving with the new blades, they’re approximately 25% more economical.

As the NexaBlades have been so successful last season, we will be changing all our Trimax mowers to the new blades as we are so pleased with their results and performance”.

If you’re interested in learning more about NexaBlades, or would like to place an order, please give us a call!