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Trimax Unveils Game-Changing Electric-Drivetrain Development

Electric DriveTrain Development

Trimax Unveils Electric Drivetrain Prototype

Trimax Mowing Systems, a global leader in commercial mowing technology, announces the release of its electric-driven prototype. This prototype uses electric motors for power rather than traditional diesel tractor PTO (power take-off) and sets new standards in efficiency and operational flexibility.

Reduced Diesel Consumption for Sustainable Practices

Trimax’s electric drivetrain prototype achieves a notable reduction in diesel consumption when paired with a conventional diesel tractor. This achievement aligns with industry trends towards sustainable practices, offering both an environmental benefit and a reduction in running costs for customers.

Future-Ready Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

With regulatory changes in motion, Trimax’s electric drivetrain prototype is designed to ensure compliance is met with upcoming electrification mandates. This provides customers with solutions that not only meet their current needs, but also position them for success in a changing regulatory landscape.

A PTO-Free Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminating the need for Power Take-Off (PTO) enhances the operational flexibility of the mower, allowing customers the freedom to select a wider range of towing equipment. Traditionally, trailed commercial mowers could only be towed behind diesel tractors with a PTO.

Lower Noise Levels for Enhanced Operability

Unlike conventional mowers, Trimax’s electric drivetrain operates at reduced noise levels due to the towing machinery running at a lower RPM. This feature expands its applicability, making it suitable for environments where noise levels are a concern such as golf courses and public spaces.

Inviting Industry Feedback

When asked about the electric drivetrain prototype, CEO Michael Sievwright said “At Trimax, we’ve always championed innovation. This electric drivetrain prototype not only embodies our commitment to sustainability but also signals a transformative direction for our business. We’re excited about this journey and invite our partners and stakeholders to work with us through this development.” Trimax values the insights of industry experts and stakeholders. They encourage visits to their dedicated landing page, where feedback on potential applications of this electrification can be provided. They also encourage any potential test partners to contact them through the form to further shape this technology to suit the needs of customers. This collaborative effort aims to redefine the future of mowing and drive progress in the industry.

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