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Latest news from Trimax.

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The Pegasus trailed rotary mower has been around for 21 years and has established itself as the benchmark in wide area mowing for parks, sports fields, airports and turf farms.

The new series 5 builds on everything we know and love about the Pegasus whilst making it the strongest, smartest and safest mower yet.

So what’s new about the Trimax Pegasus S5?


It’s stronger.

  • An improved chassis design offers twice the durability in deck lifting and lowering, a 10% increase in strength under tough travel conditions, and a 30% reduction in stresses from rough road travel – all without unnecessary weight increases.
  • Newly engineered outrigger arms increase rigidity by 60% for tough applications such as passive turf and open space mowing. They also reduce stresses from impact on side decks by 15% to prevent damage to the lift arms.
  • A robust axle and suspension provides smoother transport, reduced wear, and offers two times the durability on the road.
  • Heavy-duty side channel skids stand up to larger impact forces, preventing damage to the mower skids in tough applications.


It’s smarter.

  • The Trimax Pegasus S5 has lower maintenance than ever. All daily greasing requirements have been removed, resulting in an 80% reduction in annual grease consumption. Wear bushes are eliminated from the suspension system, and auto belt tensioning has been introduced to maintain optimal drive to the spindles without requiring manual adjustments.
  • The Trimax Titan Roller Bearing System is new on the Pegasus S5 for improved lifespan and retention. The Titan bearing system is sealed, requiring no regular greasing.
  • The QuikLIFT feature is a standard integration on all Pegasus S5 models. With QuikLIFT, mower decks can be slightly raised to traverse driveways, footpaths, pavements, or other obstacles, all without disengaging the PTO.
  • The cut height adjustment system has been refreshed, now employing a 2mm pitch adjuster for increased accuracy. Cut height indicators now show both metric and imperial units. The cut height range has been increased, ranging from 10mm – 110mm (³⁄₈” – 4¹⁄₃”).


It’s safer.

  • The Pegasus S5 increases rear-facing light area by over 100%, with improved placement in driver line of sight for a proven increase in visibility to others on the road. There is also an option to integrate clearance lights, a slow mowing beacon, and number plate lights.
  • The mowing decks are equipped with CE compliant weight-bearing and lockable belt chamber covers, which are also less reflective to reduce glare.
  • The optional electric brake system on the Pegasus S5 has been designed to include a breakaway and controller.
  • The changes in outrigger arm design, beyond improving their strength, also improves visibility in the wing mirrors from the tractor cab due to altered deck lift angles. Furthermore, the decks fold up to a narrower position in transport mode to improve rear visibility from the tractor cab.

We’re excited to show you what the Trimax Pegasus S5 can do for your turf. Learn more about the Trimax Pegasus S5 on our website or give us a call on 01933 652235.